Sildenafil Treatment Plan


For more information on what Sildenafil citrate can do for you, as well as understand its potential risks and benefits of treatment, please read the information stated below. If you have any questions, please contact our customer experience officers at any time.


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Our doctors have reviewed your online assessment and have determined that you qualify for the prescription of Sildenafil, the medication used to treat erectile dysfunction. 

From experience, this medication reaps positive results in the majority of patients with ED, helping them achieve and maintain erections firm enough for sexual activity. The prescribed Sildenafil should only be used as directed by your doctor, if you have been diagnosed with ED and if you are deemed healthy enough for sexual activity.

Sildenafil is the generic form of Viagra., and have been approved for the treatment of ED, including ED patients with diabetes mellitus, or following radical prostatectomy (PDR). Available in doses of 100mg, do seek your doctor’s advice on the correct dosage for your treatment.

As a digital health clinic in Singapore, all our consultations adopt the telemedicine approach, which relies on your honesty upfront, especially at the point of taking your online assessment. In order for you to enjoy the convenience of telemedicine, we would need your cooperation in reading everything below carefully, including the inserts that come with your prescription, and keeping clear communication with your doctor. Should you show any side effects, or should the medication not work or have stopped working over a prolonged period, should you be prescribed any new medications for other symptoms, or changed your medicine regime, should you visit another doctor, please do contact us. It is your personal responsibility to keep all your healthcare providers informed of your ongoing treatment and prescriptions.

It is important to note, that having ED can also mean you have other health conditions which should be addressed, such as underlying conditions like hypertension, diabetes, simmering vascular disease, which could save your life. It is important to own up to your health, and to identify and manage any of these underlying conditions with the respective healthcare providers.

As our doctors have prescribed medication as part of your treatment plan, being fully informed on your health conditions is very important. Finding a treatment plan to suit your needs is important to us, and you may choose to reject it or request for a modification in your plan. Do not hesitate to reach out to us with any queries you may have regarding this.

Please read all inserts that come with your package as well as the information listed below. Keep this information in a convenient location, should your medical condition change and you need a quick reference.

Shall we begin?

Some Warnings

Even though Phosphodiesterase inhibitors have been known to be safe and garner positive results, it is important to err on the side of caution with any potentially new medication going into your body. There may be side effects, with rare instances of more serious symptoms and even hospitalisation or death. Which is why we feel the need to let you understand more about the medication you will receive and how it works, alongside common side effects that you may experience.

The history of the phosphodiesterase inhibitor comes from its development as a blood pressure medication, long before it was used to treat erectile dysfunction. At times, it can lead to dangerously low blood pressure. Which is why we continue to stress to our patients on the importance of being honest during the online assessment phase of your consultation with us. Should you be using other medication which can lower blood pressure, especially nitrites/nitrates. The use of nitrites/nitrates (found in nitroglycerin and other medications, as well as recreational “poppers”) alongside Sildenafil is extremely dangerous, and we need to emphasise the importance of your honesty.

Using Sildenafil can affect your vision, where some people see a bluish tint, others may suffer from more severe side effects, which includes complete and permanent blindness in one or both eyes. Should this happen to you, seek emergency medical treatment immediately! If your vision is affected, please act immediately.

At times, Sildenafil works too well, and can lead to an erection that lasts beyond the stipulated 4 hours. Should your penis be painful and engorged (priapism), the tissue and vessels may be damaged, permanently in some cases. Should your erection last longer than 4 hours, whether it is painful or not, please seek medical attention immediately.

Just a friendly reminder – the use of Sildenafil does not protect you from acquiring sexually transmitted diseases, such as HIV, syphilis, herpes, gonorrhoea and more. Please do still use a condom for sex, even if it seems like an added barrier to engaging in sexual activity. You really don’t want to acquire another health issue which could have been prevented easily with the use of a condom.

Your Treatment Plan


Overcoming your issue of erectile dysfunction is more than just being prescribed medication. It is about taking the right dosage and understanding your health conditions to better achieve positive results.


It is important to take the prescribed Sildenafil on an empty stomach and to avoid food rich in fats for at least two hours prior to ingesting the pill. The reason for this is simple – fat present in the stomach interferes with the absorption rate of the medication. Another food to avoid is grapefruit and grapefruit juices, as it also affects absorption. After an initial delay in absorption, these foods can increase the blood levels within your penis, which leads to the increased possibility of suffering from some side effects. The consumption of alcohol is not advisable as it can impair the obtainment and maintaining of an erection. In short, just avoid alcohol too.


Should you be taking an alpha-blocker, usually prescribed for high blood pressure or an enlarged prostate, you should be on a consistent stream of the alpha-blocker before beginning your reduced dose of Sildenafil. You should also consider starting at the lowest dosage of your alpha-blocker before looking to reduce your prescribed dose of Sildenafil. Important to note – avoid taking Sildenafil within four hours of taking the alpha-blocker.


Please note that a follow-up consultation is necessary when it comes to treatment for erection dysfunction. It is to ensure the medication continues to work, and that there are no changes in the patient’s heart status, or capacity to engage in sex. Should these symptoms arise, do contact ALL your healthcare providers immediately. 


Your medication will not have any effect unless you kick off your treatment with erotic stimulation. We have summarised the biology of obtaining and maintaining an erection, and hope you understand how the medication works.


We recommend first-timers to take your treatment prescription alone, before introducing your partners. It can be very helpful and important to familiarise yourself with the medication privately. This will help ensure you are aware of its effects, including possible side effects, and to also eliminate any concern about ‘performance’ with a partner present. You should also focus on improving yourself before moving on to sexual activity with a partner. Results show that a phosphodiesterase is most seen after the patient has tried to use the medication around eight times. (Urology 2002;60:28-38) Most people use the medication twice a week for 4 to 8 weeks to find the best dose and to understand their reaction to the medication, including timing its best effect. 


While exploring the best dose can be useful, never take more than one prescribed dose (and only the prescribed dose) in 24 hours. Regularity is one of the keys to finding the best regimen.


Getting an erection is half the journey. You have to be able to keep that erection throughout the sexual intimacy, followed by the act of having an orgasm. Scientifically, PDE5’s (phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitors) do lead to an erection, but some men find difficulty maintaining an erection throughout intercourse. A good point to note is that sex is an issue best resolved between the two people involved. For some men, the friction of intercourse doesn’t provide the stimulation they need. For other men, having sex again may be anxiety-producing so they have difficulty maintaining an erection. Some discover that the trouble was not in the act of having sex, but that their relationship was in need of fixing. The circumstances can vary from person to person, as do the treatment plans.


This same PDE5 inhibitor can also hinder your ability to reach orgasm even without the anxiety and mental pressure. The phosphodiesterase has been found to delay orgasm, even for men without erectile dysfunction, and are even used to treat premature ejaculation.


Sometimes, a long period of abstinence can have an occurrence of premature ejaculation. From various studies on the matter, getting a prescription and following your treatment plan alone does not always solve the issue. This is especially so when it comes to the perspective of your partners. Be open and have conversations across topics, including education, and cooperative approaches to creating co-success.


Familiarise yourself with other treatment options, where necessary. The solution offered by our doctors may be a great stepping stone, but keep an open mind to the evolving options that follow you through life.