Priligy Treatment Plan.

For more information on what Priligy, which contains active dapoxetine, can do for you, and to gain a clear understanding of its potential risks and benefits of treatment, please read the information stated below. If you have any further questions, please contact our medical support team at any time.


Our doctors have reviewed your online medical evaluation, and have determined that you qualify for the prescription of Priligy, the medication we use to treat premature ejaculation.

You’ll be surprised to learn that premature ejaculation is actually one of the most common sexual disorders in men worldwide. Living with PE can be stressful and challenging, even affecting your relationship with others, but it does not have to be a problem you live with for your entire life.

At the moment, there is no one cure for PE. However, there are particular medications categorised under the Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) group of medications, which can help to provide treatment. This includes Priligy, which has been shown to be effective in helping men delay an ejaculation, and preventing them from orgasming too early.

As a digital health clinic in Singapore, all our consultations adopt the telemedicine approach, which relies on your honesty upfront, especially at the point of taking your online medical evaluation. In order for you to enjoy the convenience of telemedicine, we would need your cooperation in reading everything below carefully, including the inserts that come with your prescription, and keeping clear communication with your doctor. Should you show any side effects, or should the medication not work or have stopped working over a prolonged period, should you be prescribed any new medications for other symptoms, or changed your medicine regime, should you visit another doctor, please do contact us. It is your personal responsibility to keep all your healthcare providers informed of your ongoing treatment and prescriptions.

Like with all prescription medications, Priligy does come with some side effects. Although most men who have been prescribed Priligy show no signs of side effects, there are a small percentage who do, so it is important to familiarise yourself with the possible side effects. In the event that you do, please contact a doctor immediately.

As our doctors have prescribed medication as part of your treatment plan, being fully informed on your health conditions is very important. Finding a treatment plan to suit your needs is important to us, and you may choose to reject it or request for a modification in your plan. Do not hesitate to reach out to us with any queries you may have regarding this.

Please read all inserts that come with your package as well as the information listed below. Keep this information in a convenient location, should your medical condition change and you need a quick reference.


Priligy Safety Information

Around 80% of men who have been prescribed Priligy have reported it to be effective in lengthening the time it takes for them to ejaculate. Containing the active ingredient ‘Dapoxetine’, an SSRI, this fast-acting medication increases the activity of serotonin in the body and stops the reuptake of serotonin, which helps to prolong and delay ejaculation.

Dapoxetine was designed to treat PE, and hence has a short half life (time it takes for a drug to metabolise and be eliminated from the bloodstream), which means it takes effect more quickly and stays active in the body for only a short amount of time, reducing the risk of side effects that is present with other longer-lasting SSRI medications. As dapoxetine comes from the same group of medications as those used to treat mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety, it is important to note that you will need to wait 14 days after you stop taking them before you can begin on your Priligy treatment plan.

Prior to taking Priligy, it is important to let your doctor know if you have other sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction, have a history of dizziness or low blood pressure as this medication can make your blood pressure drop, have used recreational drugs, have drank alcohol, have ever had Glaucoma where eye pressure is increased, have heart, kidney or liver problems, check the full list attached with your prescription. Even herbal medicines may affect your PE treatment with Priligy.

Designed for PE, Priligy should not be taken by women, as it can cause undesired effects. An important point to note – Priligy contains lactose, a type of sugar. Should you have an intolerance to certain sugars, do contact your doctor before taking this medication.

Even though there have been positive results from using Dapoxetine for PE, it is important to note the common, rare and serious side effects that may come with taking Priligy. Feeling dizzy, headaches and nausea are the most common side effects that have been experienced by more than 1 in 10 men on Priligy. Other common side effects that you can experience include feeling numb, excessive sweating, stomach pains or bloating, blocked nose, rise in blood pressure, blurred vision, feeling irritable, anxious or restless, difficulty concentrating, lowered interest in sex, trouble sleeping, or feelings of sleepiness.

Symptoms of a Priligy allergy include a swollen face, eyes, lips or tongue, difficulty in breathing, and itchy skin rashes throughout the body. There can also be an occurrence of common side effects along with these symptoms.

Should you experience the following side effects, stop taking Priligy and seek medical attention immediately – if you have fits (seizures), feel faint or light-headed upon standing up, notice any changes in your mood or attitude, have thought of suicide or self-harm.

Starting Your Prescription

Reducing the rate of premature ejaculation is more than just about being prescribed medication. It is important to take the right dosage, and understand your health conditions to better achieve positive results and an improved lifestyle and relationship with yourself and your partners.

The good thing about Priligy is that you can have it with or without food, making it accessible to consume within the stipulated 1 to 3 hours before you intend to have sex. Do not consume grapefruit or grapefruit juice 24 hours prior to taking the medication, as it can increase the levels of dapoxetine in your body. Another point to take note is to stay hydrated, so it is recommended to take one pill with at least one full glass of water. The consumption of alcohol is to be avoided, as it can accelerate the effects of feeling dizzy, sleepy, cause slow reactions and may increase your risk of injury from fainting or other side effects.

Please note that a follow-up consultation with your doctor is necessary after the first 4 weeks or after 6 doses, when it comes to treatment for premature evaluation. It is to see if your treatment plan should continue, and if it does, you should continue having consults with your doctor at least once every six months.

We recommend first time users of Priligy to monitor your progress, and to take your treatment prescription alone, before introducing partners. It is important to familiarise yourself with the medication privately, to help ensure you are aware of its effects, including possible side effects, as well as to eliminate any anxiety or concern about ‘performance’ with a partner present.

While exploring the best dose can be useful, never take more than one prescribed dose (and only the prescribed dose) in 24 hours. Speak to your doctor if you find the current dose ineffective, and they may prescribe you a higher or different treatment plan.

There are other methods to explore that can address premature ejaculation. A common, and one of the oldest techniques to stop PE is through the ‘Stop-Start’ method, which you can try with either a partner or by yourself. When you feel yourself approaching orgasm and/or ejaculation, try and stop the stimulation and take a break. Repeat these steps until you feel more confident in your ability to control your ejaculation. As simple as it sounds, it has been proven to be effective.

Another method you can attempt would be to masturbate before having sex. Although there is no scientific evidence for its effectiveness, many men have reported that they find it an effective way to delay orgasm and stop PE. The concept behind this approach is that after an orgasm, there is a recovery phase, where most men would be unable to orgasm again. This leads to a longer time to reach the next orgasm, and better sexual satisfaction for their partners.

Familiarise yourself with other treatment options, where necessary. The solution offered by our doctors may be a great stepping stone, but keep an open mind to the evolving options that follow you through life.