What’s stopping you?

With free consultation and delivery to your door, not much stands in the way of you getting discreet, affordable and convenient healthcare.

Start Medical Evaluation

Too lazy? Well, stay on that couch.

A visit to the clinic usually means long queues and taking time off work, with the added fear of finding out what’s truly wrong with your body. So why not skip the hard parts, and get treatment from the comfort and privacy of your home?

Feeling a little embarrassed?

We get it. It’s the number one reason why Singaporean men don’t get treatment for highly sensitive conditions, such as ED, PE and hair loss. As men ourselves, we know first-hand what it’s like to be in the waiting room, having them call out your name, and announce that you’ve bought Cialis – loudly.

No longer awkward

Our evaluations remove the need to answering awkward questions about your health on a call. Keeping the teleconsult short, sweet and focused on personalising your treatment.

Keeping it private

From packaging to enterprise grade encryption to what shows up in your bill, we go beyond to keep things private for you.

Worried about cost?

Doctors should fix an arm and leg. Not cost it.

Concerned about legitimacy?

The pandemic has fuelled a surge in fake medications, so we don’t blame you for questioning our legitimacy. Many Noah members turned to us after being duped by fake online pharmacies.

100% Genuine Medication

We work exclusively with credible HSA-approved suppliers to ensure every medication you get is genuine and safe.

Prescribed by SMC Registered Doctors

The credibility of our medical practitioners are a priority, and that is why our doctors are certified by the Singapore Medical Council, and come with over 20 years of experience in their relevant expertise.

Supported By Industry Leaders

Dr. Peter Lim (Founding President of Men’s Health Society) and Dr. David Loh (President of Aesthetics Society), come with a wealth of expertise in their specialisations, and advise us at every step of the medical journey.

The Discreet Digital Clinic For Men

From treatment at your convenience, to the verification of the doctors who see you, each and every step of the patient experience is vetted and considered by our team of medical experts.

Feel Good, Do Good.

We’ve partnered with Samaritans of Singapore (SOS), so instead of paying for your teleconsult, which is typically priced at $15, you have the option to donate any amount you wish, in support of suicide prevention.