Medical Evaluation

Duration: 5 - 7 minutes

Each condition we treat has a specific evaluation that covers your health, lifestyle, symptoms and medical history.

The evaluation is unique to you, as questions change dynamically based on your answers. This removes redundant, time-consuming questions, and focuses primarily on your medical history and symptoms that help our doctors determine the best possible treatment for you.


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Treatment Plan

Duration: < 1 hour

Your medical evaluation provides our doctors with more information, from your medical history and any underlying conditions, than they would usually get in a physical consult.

Our doctors take, on average, under one hour to reach out to you with a personalised treatment plan.

Free delivery

Duration: < 3 hours

If our doctors deem a prescription is right for you, we'll ship your medication to you in a discreet packaging within 3 hours, $0 delivery fee.

With Noah, you can be rest assured that all our medication is safe and Health Science Authority (HSA) approved. 

Ongoing Care

Duration: ∞

As a patient of Noah, you get free follow-ups with our doctors to fine-tune your treatment plan. Being online means you get to do this at a time and place that suits you.

You have access to our doctors, who are here to help.

Let us help you.

Our licensed doctors will review your medical evaluation and get back to you within 4 hours with a diagnosis and treatment plan.



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