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How can hair loss medication help?

It blocks the conversion of testosterone into DHT (which shrinks hair follicles, leading to hair loss), promoting hair regrowth and preventing the spread of receding hairlines.

You want something
that works

That’s why we’ve tapped into the aesthetics expertise of our medical advisory board to identify the best hair loss treatments for you.

Dr David Loh

President of The Society of Aesthetic Medicine (Singapore)

Treatments backed by science, not taste buds

Hair loss treatments aren’t a recipe for fried chicken. Those 17 herbs and spices won’t regrow your locks. Your prescription medication and a good hair care routine will though.

All-in approach

SuperGrow Trio

Best for overall hair loss.
  • DHT-blocking shampoo that
  • Promotes hair volume & moisture lock-in
  • Improve your daily routine for hair regrowth
Go All In
Better results, more work

Daily Medication & Topical

Best for receding hairlines and bald spots.
  • Doctor recommended, clinically proven treatments
  • Reduces DHT levels, increasing blood flow in scalp
  • Replace old hairs with new thicker hairs
Get a Better Result
Low effort routine

Daily Medication

Best suited for receding hairlines.
  • Simple daily pill
  • Prevents hair loss, aids regrowth
  • Doctor recommended prescription treatment
Get a Head Start

Hair Loss 101 - you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to stop hair loss.

Less than $1.5/day

Add this pill to your daily routine for healthier, thicker hair.

Consistency is key

Being a DHT-blocker, regular use will help slow down hair loss.

Convenience at no cost

Your prescription arrives in a non-descript package within 4 hours.

Hair loss treatments that cut the crap, not your hair.

  1. Answer questions discreetly
  2. Consult with a licensed doctor
  3. Get prescription delivered free
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