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Erectile Dysfunction in Young Men

Most men don’t start to experience ED until they pass the age of 40, so why do younger men even need to be concerned about it? Well, according to a study by Capogrosso et al. (2013), more men diagnosed with ED—specifically one in four ED patients—are young men under the age of 40.
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“Whiskey Dick” AKA Alcohol-Related Erectile Dysfunction: Why Does It Happen and How To Treat It?

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It’s a Friday night with you and your partner spending the better part of the evening indulging in a few (or several) boozy drinks. Alcohol has gifted you with some newly found confidence, removing your inhibitions and finally getting rid of bedroom jitters. However when the moment comes to take it to the bedroom and finally do the deed, you find it hard to, well, get hard.

Headaches From ED Medication: Why Does It Happen and How To Treat It

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Erectile dysfunction medication such as Viagra®, Levitra® and Cialis® can often cause side effects such as headaches, nasal congestion and facial flushing, with a study done by the Canadian Urological Association Journal reporting that 25% of male users who take sildenafil (the main ingredient found in Viagra) experience headaches after taking the medication.

DHT and Male Pattern Balding 101: Causes, Treatments and Potential Side Effects

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You’ve begun to notice that you’ve been losing a significant amount of hair, it feels suspiciously thin when you run your hand through it and your hairline seems to be receding too! You start to worry. You narrow down your list of potential causes, have you been eating poorly? Maybe you’ve been experiencing too much stress at work? Maybe it’s hereditary and just an unlucky draw of genetics? It might surprise you that the most common cause of hair loss in men isn’t any of the above, but actually caused by a male hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

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Hair Loss Guide

Editorial Team
The ultimate guide to hair loss? We've done it. Read on for the types and causes of hair loss, how to recognise male pattern baldness, hair loss treatment in Singapore and finally the truth behind the myth of creatine and hair loss.

Spedra (Avanafil) 101: How it Works, Effectiveness and Side Effects

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Spedra (Avanafil) is a second generation FDA-approved oral medication prescribed for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED). It is a PDE5 inhibitor, so it specifically takes action on the protein in your body (PDE5) that contributes to ED, similar to Sildenafil in its function and action.

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